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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fake News Detection with AI?

We connected with Enterra a few years ago about supply chain AI. Saw their ideas presented by Stephen DeAngelis , which were impressive for the application .  See my tags on Enterra.   Now some of their work on 'Fake News' detection in Forbes:   Potential for misuse is potentially high, but worth the examination.  Also, consider how these same methods might be used to automatically detect the validity of advertising claims.  Would that radically change marketing and advertising?   Lead to an arms war between claims and detection?  No technical detail in the article.  Looking deeper.

Can Enterra's Advanced AI Systems Stop The Fake News Epidemic?
By Alan Wolk , Contributor Forbes  .... " 

And further:

 " ... For DeAngelis, the benefit to Hollywood will be the ability to apply sophisticated data-driven insights to augment the creative process. Enterra’s Enterprise Cognitive System could take a vast number of variable inputs—production schedules, star power, budgets, cultural trends, media consumption rates, and box office grosses, as well as advertising campaigns, audience targeting, and political climate—and interpret them in a way that allows for more informed executive decision making and investment.  “The ability of an AI system to think and to reason while ingesting and analyzing data from all these sources—that’s going to prove to be very powerful for media companies,” he notes.  ... " 

(Update) More on this on Enterra site.

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