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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Best Grocery Store in America

A place I have shopped many times.   Worth a tour.   Is telling stories a profitable grocery venture?  Can it work elsewhere?   Here is the best effort I know of.

Best Grocery Store in America
Jungle Jim's and the Art of the Tourist-Attraction Grocery Store
By Matt Siegel in Epicurious

A Los Angeleno travels to Ohio to meet the man behind the country's biggest weirdo supermarket. What he finds is a businessman who couldn't care less about food.

On the cover of the brochure for Jungle Jim’s International Market is an image of a middle-aged man in a wizard’s costume holding the notoriously stinky durian fruit high in the air as if an offering. Above the image, highlighted in yellow, it says, “FREE ADMISSION!” Free admission to a grocery store seems a given, but Jungle Jim’s is a “World of Food,” a “Foodie Wonderland,” an “International Food Lovers’ Paradise.” This according to the lengthy, hyper-color brochure, which is only a preview of the inevitably lengthy, hyper-color shopping experience that some 80,000 visitors per week enjoy at the seven-plus acre food-based freak-out in suburban Cincinnati.  ... " 

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