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Friday, January 12, 2018

Smart Displays beyond Voice?

Now emerging, the 'Smart Display', which takes voice interaction to a new place, which is why amazon is calling it voice-first on their Show and Spot assistants.  Now Google is planning to introduce this year 'smart displays' to be attached to their Google Home Assistants.    But are these tablets,  touch screens, or simpler PCs that may pop up a keyboard?   And how will you best navigate, if at all,  beyond voice?  Been noting that issue on the Amazon Show.   Voice is limiting for navigation, so Show adds touch, Can gesture or brain-wave take over?

FastCompany Discusses:
Google Hasn’t Cracked The Smart Display’s Complexity Problem
Navigation remains a challenge for the onscreen versions of Google Assistant and Alexa. But it’s tough to solve without turning a simple device into a PC. .... "

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