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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bots Making up Languages

How might we be able to use this to teach and learn from Bot communications?   As suggested below, this is probably not a formal language, as we understand it.  But any stream of data from any sensor is a language of sorts,  which we seek to interpret, first in an obvious sense, and then to look for more complex patterns that we can use for leverage.  I like the general idea here.  Can we find deeper patterns in these kinds of communications?

What an AI's Non-Human Language Actually Looks Like    In The Atlantic
 Researchers at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research lab have found that bots they were training to negotiate with each other began conversing in a non-human language without human supervision. Although visually the bots' language appears completely nonsensical, a lab spokesperson says Facebook's data shows that sometimes such dialogues ultimately lead to successful negotiations.

Other AI researchers have reported witnessing machines developing their own languages, including languages with a coherent organization, defined vocabulary, and syntax, although they do not always communicate meaning that is comprehensible to humans. For example, scientists from OpenAI describe bots learning to talk in an abstract language and resorting to non-verbal communication when language communication is unavailable.

University of Pennsylvania professor Mark Liberman doubts the Facebook bots' language will have longevity — partly because it is completely textual as opposed to human language's basis in speech and gestures, and partly because they will likely be outdated by future machine-learning algorithms. ... " 

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