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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Future of Innovation is Open

In CustomerThink, a well put overview:

Why The Future Of Innovation Is Open     By Jacob Morgan  

With the growth of technology and new ways of working, innovation is playing a huge role in the workplace. The most successful organizations are those that can prep for the future and push the envelope creatively to find the next innovative idea. But what if how we have been thinking about innovation is all wrong? Open innovation is a newer idea that is spreading across industries and changing how companies work together and plan for the future.

What is open innovation?

The traditional way of thinking about innovation has been to create the best ideas for your individual company and then keep them to yourself so you can sustain value. If your organization creates a new way of manufacturing a certain product, tradition has said that your group needs to be the one to own it and continue developing and distributing it. .... " 

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