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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tertill Weeds Gardens

Really like the premise.  From my IdeaConnection affiliation. I have decades of experience managing garden plantings, big and small, so pardon me for having considerable skepticism about the practical application.  Even more so at commercial scale.  But particularly like the potential to do this in a swarming way as well.   But the garden can be a hostile place.  Would love to give it a practical test. Will certainly follow.  Kickstarter.

The Tertill solar powered weeding robot from Franklin Robotics removes weeds without chemicals.

A bit like a Roomba for the yard, the Tertill travels the garden to seek out weeds and cut them down with a small ‘weed-whacker’ thread at its base. The Tertill will treat all small plants as weeds, so intentional plants must first be protected by the provided plant collars. Any plants tall enough to touch the device’s sensor will trigger the Tertill to turn away, and seek weeds elsewhere. .... " 

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