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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tracking, Measuring AI Research

Very good effort.  Much more detail at the link.  Putting it on my alert list. From the EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation,  which I have little watched lately.   Plus also see Algorithmia.

This pilot project collects problems and metrics/datasets from the AI research literature, and tracks progress on them.

You can use this Notebook to see how things are progressing in specific subfields or AI/ML as a whole, as a place to report new results you've obtained, as a place to look for problems that might benefit from having new datasets/metrics designed for them, or as a source to build on for data science projects.

At EFF, we're ultimately most interested in how this data can influence our understanding of the likely implications of AI. To begin with, we're focused on gathering it.

Original authors: Peter Eckersley and Yomna Nasser at EFF. Contact: ai-metrics@eff.org.

With contributions from: Gennie Gebhart and Owain Evans .... " 

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