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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eye Tracking and Virtual Reality

More developments in the use of biometric capabilities to better understand human reactions.  Its natural to think about how VR methods technology could be linked to these.  This then points to better measurement of cognitive reactions.   The reactions are to virtual environments, which can be readily changed to test hypotheses.

Sensor Tracks Eye Movements in Real Time to Enhance Virtual Reality

The Engineer (United Kingdom)    by Helen Knight

A team of researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands has developed a sensor that can detect eye movements in real time using an array of electrodes. The researchers say the technology could enable videogamers to interact with the screen by controlling cursors with their eyes to navigate through menus and select different options, or to open and close applications. In addition, the technology could provide feedback to the game on how the user is reacting to their virtual surroundings, according to Carlos Agell at the Belgium-based IMEC innovation center. The team developed a system based on four electrodes, which are built into the glasses around each lens, at points where the frames touch the skin in order to collect electrical impulses emitted by the eye. Agell says the algorithm translates the signals into a position, based on the angle the eye is making with its central point of vision. ... " 

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