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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Boosting the Quantum Experience

IBM Has An Unusual Strategy For Advancing Quantum Computing
We're entering a new technological epoch     By Greg Satell  In Inc.

Building A Community of Users ... 

"... IBM has long been a pioneer in quantum computing, a key technology for the next phase of computing. Yet much like in the early days after the development of the ENIAC, very few people understand the technology. So it was with that in mind that the company created its Quantum Experience program last year.  

The idea of the program was to give anyone who wanted access to IBM's 5-qubit prototype so they could begin to experiment with the technology. Quantum computing, it should be noted, has unique capabilities and operates according to a very different logic than classical machines. So getting offered a chance to get some hands on experience is invaluable.  ... " 

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