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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Indoor Smart Garden

I am a long time gardener, nursery planner and amateur botanist,  and a practitioner of 'smart', so this was intriguing.   Seems impractical for any reasonable and useful volume of results.   Still,  makes me think about what might work.

Indoor Smart Garden uses Artificial Intelligence to Grow Real Plants   By Lulu Chang 

No one will know if you lack a green thumb so long as you have a smart garden. No matter how agriculturally dumb you may be, artificial intelligence is here to help. It comes in the form of AVA Byte from AVA Technologies. Heralded as the first indoor smart garden to combine AI technology, including machine learning, and a straightforward user experience, you can have a farmer’s market right in your own home.

By leveraging “continuously optimized” algorithms, the AVA Byte purports to be able to sustain year-round plant cultivation. Whether you’re interested in growing vegetables, micro-greens, fruits, or even mushrooms (apparently, AVA is among the first indoor gardening device to offer fungus support), you can do it with this garden.

The AVA Byte depends on LED lights that emit a mixture of red, white, and blue light to encourage growth, fruiting, and flowering regardless of your home environment. Its hydroponic irrigation system allows you to water every few weeks instead of every few days, and a companion app will keep you updated on your plants’ progress. .... " 

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