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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Figure Eight (Formerly Crowdflower) with AI Augmentation

We spent considerable time using crowd sourcing techniques, and now follow some of the methods of Crowdflower.  Could have used the methods in the enterprise.   In SiliconAngle:

Crowdflower is Now renamed:  Figure Eight https://www.figure-eight.com/  

AI-augmented crowdsourcing company CrowdFlower raises $20M for enterprise push  by Kyt Dotson

" ....  People power and machine learning go hand in hand at San Francisco-based CrowdFlower, which uses data and training from large groups of people – a practice known as crowdsourcing – to train machine learning algorithms to do tedious data science work.

Robin Bordoli, chief executive at CrowdFlower, believes that AI applications within the enterprise is on the verge of a “Cambrian explosion.” This is a reference to a point in the biological history of life on Earth when a huge variety of different body designs begin to appear in the fossil record. In short, “living thing” applications began to try out a lot of different ideas.

With CrowdFlower’s approach to crowdsourcing AI training, Bordoli said, enterprise data science could find its killer app. “The bottleneck for the large-scale adoption of machine learning still remains the availability of high-quality training data and human-in-the-loop workflows to handle the failure states,” he said.

The crowdsourced labor works by applying simple tasks to individual workers, such as transcribing text seen in an image, determining the sentiment of a sentence, statement or forum post, annotating images and other work that humans do well. These are processes that can be broken down into thousands of small tasks, and each individual task is executed by a small group of people. .... " 

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