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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Walmart Mobile Pay Success

My question about mobile pay systems got me a note that pointed to this article on the success of Walmart Pay.  And its position behind systems from Samsung and Apple.    But still not ubiquitous. From Engadget:

Walmart Pay will hook new users with instant access to its credit card

A third party study shows more people use Walmart's payment system than Android's.

When Walmart debuted its own in-house mobile payments service last year, the company was not afraid to roll it out quickly. Walmart Pay arrived in 4,600 stores nationwide in under two months, proving the retail giant could still be nimble -- especially if the result meant moving customers through the checkout line faster. And it paid off: according to a third party study, just eight months after launch the QR code-based system was the third most used mobile wallet after Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Now the company is giving customers even faster ways to part with their cash.  ...." 

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