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Monday, June 12, 2017

HomePod Meets HomeKit in Apple Ecosystem

Lengthy speculation of how Apple HomePod will interact with HomeKit, and compete with the flurry of assistants in the home already.   Will it be mostly a speaker or smart home or Siri station?  Not available until late in the year.  Meanwhile Echo and Google Home continue to install.  And get skills built by third parties.

Apple’s HomeKit Was A Band With No Frontman. Then HomePod Took The Mic
At three years old, Apple’s HomeKit faces some tough challenges, but the addition of ambient natural language interface may help it win your connected home.    By Mark Sullivan in Fastcompany

Consumers and accessories makers have been somewhat slow to adopt the platform known as HomeKit since its debut three years ago. There are several reasons for that, and one of them is that HomeKit just isn’t a very sexy product. It’s no Apple Music. It’s hard to visualize. When you think of “HomeKit” what do you see? How do you think about a tech framework that ties together a bunch of rather bland home accessories?

But the new HomePod smart speaker, which Apple announced on Monday, could finally light a fire under the platform.

The $349 device, equipped with Siri, won’t become available until late this year, but Apple has already confirmed that HomePod will provide a much-needed natural language interface for HomeKit. HomeKit users will be able to speak commands to devices all over their home as if they were talking to another person in the room. HomePod owners won’t have to dig out their iPhone to order to get HomeKit to “open the drapes.”  ... " 

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