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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quantum Computing and AI

Intriguing piece.   A major change in computing architecture should be carefully watched.  Implications for an approach to more intelligent systems?  Very important issues brought up here.

" ... How Do the Capabilities of Quantum Computing Align with Deep Learning? ... " 

Quantum Computing, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence   Posted by William Vorhies  

Summary:  Quantum computing is already being used in deep learning and promises dramatic reductions in processing time and resource utilization to train even the most complex models.  Here are a few things you need to know.

So far in this series of articles on Quantum computing we showed that Quantum is in fact commercially available today and being used operationally.  We talked about what’s available in the market now and whether it’s a good idea to get started now or wait a year, but not too long because it’s coming fast.  We also talked about some of the pragmatic issues such as how do you actually program these devices and how faster they really are.

Now we want to explore exactly where and how these can be used in today’s data science, and frankly to focus on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  These after all are the fastest growing areas with the most technical challenges where we could use the most help.

We demonstrated that although these machines are expensive and difficult to maintain that, with IBM in the lead, these capabilities will be available via subscription and API in the cloud.  Cost and complexity should not hold us back.  ... " 

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