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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sky Robots

Sky Robots

From the HBR ... 

If you have a robotic vacuum, thank Helen Greiner, a cofounder of iRobot. And Greiner has moved on to think about what it would mean if that robotic vacuum could fly. After leaving iRobot, she founded CyPhy Works, a drone company. One of its first products was a tethered drone—one that’s connected to a ground power source and can transmit data across wire constantly. Tethered drones can hover indefinitely, and their hardwire connection makes them more secure than free-flying drones, which transmit data wirelessly. A tether limits a drone’s range but opens up a host of apps that the untethered type are less suited to. HBR senior editor Scott Berinato spoke with Greiner about those apps, the emergence of commercial drones, where she sees the industry going, and why she can’t think of any industry whose leaders don’t need to think about a drone strategy. .... " 

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