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Saturday, June 10, 2017

IOT Contactless Payment by Visa

I continued a look into contactless payments by Smartphone,  and found this recent mention of work Visa is doing to make payment even easier.   Making anything IOT a payment system.    Seems that this could quickly be added to the many assistants out there now.

Visa dreams of turning your entire home into a cash register
And your hand into a credit card.      Kris Naudus, @krisnaudus  in Engadget:

" ... In a world where you can pay for goods with the tap of your phone, send money to anyone with an app and do most of your shopping online, credit cards seem a bit long in the tooth. Visa is looking to toss them almost completely, replacing them with a process that makes paying for stuff online as simple as tapping any internet-connected device in your house, no credit card terminals or filling in of forms needed.   ....  "

"  .... Visa has worked to make the technology even smaller and cheaper, putting it into a small plastic sticker that a company rep affixed to the back of my hand for a demo. It's so small and unobtrusive that it feels like we're not far from more-permanent subdermal implants.  .... " 

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