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Sunday, June 11, 2017

What if Augmented Reality is Everywhere?

During innovation sessions we came up with a number of AR scenarios.  Location aware AR allows you to place content in any space.      So imagine if you walked into a restaurant wearing VR glasses, observing through a camera, or even soon with eye implants.   This could overlay on your perception, for example, ads about another restaurant, hung on the walls.   Like today in sports bars,  where you can see ads for other sports bars on TVs.  This would take it much further.  

Pokemon Go was another recent example, where players could 'see' things placed in a space,  for the purposes of a game,  sometimes with chaotic or dangerous results.    Then who owns public spaces that can be manipulated constantly and dynamically by augmented reality?   Every wall, every space and surface, open for augmentation, graffiti,  ads?

" ... what the world will be like when Augmented Reality is ubiquitous. Of particular interest is the potential for legal battles over Augmented Reality space. ... "

This has even led to a US lawsuit   Augmented reality lawsuit provides augmented view of 1st Amendment   “They’re passing two dimensional laws in a three dimensional world.” ... 

See for example Augnite:

" ... Full service Augmented Reality app development projects, managed teams and optimisation ... Augnite works with blue chip clients to deliver high performance AR apps for Microsoft Hololens and Daqri. With offices in Dundee and London, Augnite enable clients across multiple industry sectors, to develop and optimise world class AR apps that generate new revenue streams and streamline costs. ... " 

They write about the implications:

They suggest this might look like the below:

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