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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Wave of a New AI

Nice, non-technical overview in CACM look at emerging technologies that are supporting advances in AI.  Useful with management to consider areas of interest.   Will this push us over the hype edge for real intelligent value?

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Ride a New Wave    By Gary Anthes 
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 60 No. 7, Pages 19-21

Artificial intelligence (AI), once described as a technology with permanent potential, has come of age in the past decade. Propelled by massively parallel computer systems, huge datasets, and better algorithms, AI has brought a number of important applications, such as image- and speech-recognition and autonomous vehicle navigation, to near-human levels of performance.

Now, AI experts say, a wave of even newer technology may enable systems to understand and react to the world in ways that traditionally have been seen as the sole province of human beings. These technologies include algorithms that model human intuition and make predictions in the face of incomplete knowledge, systems that learn without being pre-trained with labeled data, systems that transfer knowledge gained in one domain to another, hybrid systems that combine two or more approaches, and more powerful and energy-efficient hardware specialized for AI. .... " 

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