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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wal-Mart Next Gen Stores

In Retailwire, with discussion.  Not too different from our own retail store labs.  Except,  the testing of much stronger connection to online ordering.

Will Walmart’s next-gen store fly with shoppers?  by Matthew Stern

 Once Walmart learns from the pilots and makes any needed adjustments, predict a broad roll-out.  - Michael Day

" ... The new store layout is being piloted in two supercenters, one in Texas and another in Florida, according to Walmart’s blog. The stores feature such technological enhancements as:

* Interactive technology that projects images onto tables and walls, allowing customers to get product information;

* In-store touchscreens that allow shoppers to buy online-only items, pay for them along with the rest of their order and then pick up the online-ordered items two days later;

* Touchscreens at the deli that allow for scheduling of orders so that customers can shop and return when their food is ready;

* Wi-Fi connected call buttons to page store associates. .... " 

See also, the Wal-Mart blog containing their description of the next gen stores, with pictures.

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