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Monday, May 15, 2017

Watson for Cyber Security

Good example in these days of increasing cyber security risk.  Watson for Cyber Security. This appears to be a less quantitative and more semantic domain than most.  So might be an interesting for other domains that need to capture and leverage knowledge.  Perhaps closer to the use of process logic?   Also how will such knowledge be updated?   A classic issue with knowledge based systems. Look forward to seeing its implementation more closely.   Many more details at the link:

Cognitive Security Helps Defend Against Cybercrime
May 10, 2016  |  By Marc van Zadelhoff

On any given day, cybersecurity analysts investigate ongoing incidents that could potentially impact their enterprise. They sift through mountains of data, false positives and ever-morphing malware and exploits to identify the few security events that are most likely to be problematic and require fast action. ....

Our experts are currently teaching IBM’s cognitive system, Watson, the language of cybersecurity by annotating and feeding thousands of documents into the system to build up its corpus of knowledge. In turn, the system will be able to recognize and automate connections between millions of pieces of data at a scale and speed like never before.

Introducing Watson for Cyber Security  (video) 

Today, we are announcing Watson for Cyber Security, which will consist of:

A new cloud-based version of IBM’s cognitive analytics solution using core Watson technology trained in the language of security to help analysts gain more precision, speed and accuracy in stopping cyberattacks.

A collaboration with universities in which students will be working with IBM experts to greatly expand the corpus of security data in the system.  ...... " 

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