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Friday, May 26, 2017

Brian Christian Talk on Algorithms and Decisions

Brian Christian spoke at our Innovation Summit last week.   Very nicely done and informative. Makes me want to read his book on the use of Algorithms.  Not so much about about to do the analytics to get to some solution,  but how that solution can be inserted into real decisions.  So its not the algorithm, but the algorithm in its solution context.  Sound familiar?  My long time hammering about also understanding and modeling the process.  How often do we avoid knowing the process before diving in with a solution?  Too often.  And we can be wrong.  I would like these risks to be better explored.

Does a nice job of using the Explore/Exploit dilemma to think about the problem.    Quoted a number of useful research efforts in this area.  We need to understand this very well before we seek to automate everything.   He suggests in his prolog:  " ... will discuss both how we can leverage insights from these fields to develop better intuitions in our own thinking, as well as how our human values and principles might translate into an era of increasingly automated decision-making.  ...  "

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