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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

AI for Marketing

I like the point made about data.   AI (aka Augmented Intelligence).  Is just a better way to make decisions based on data.   Difficult problems in changing contexts need lots of data to tease out patterns.  Thus new analytical methods, that require lots of data,  are starting to succeed. Implementing the results also need knowledge of the process involved.

Everyone Is Talking About AI, but What Does It Mean for Marketers Right Now?  By Stuart Feil

Artificial Intelligence may be the most bandied about term of 2017. For consumers, AI is powering everything from virtual personal assistants and real-time translation to GPS navigation and self-driving cars. In business, AI is under the hood of everything from ride-sharing fleets to aerial analysis of shopping malls to credit scoring.

Ad and marketing tech, of course, are no exception. As the CMO’s role grows to include everything from ad tech to customer relations and corporate strategy, it becomes clear that unique and valuable insights—the kind analyzed by AI from mountains and mountains of data—are key. “The term AI is really fraught with multiple definitions,” says Wilson Raj, global director of SAS, “but I think what’s really happening is the data revolution. ”  .... " 

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