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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Apple's Neural Engine Plan

Bottom line, its all about the data.  And its Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook that have the data.   Lots of data.   And all of these companies are expanding their machine learning to leverage the data.  Looks like new Neural engines, likely on the edge, in devices like the iPhone, will be doing the work.

Why CIOs must understand Apple’s Neural Engine plan   By Jonny Evans, Computerworld

Your iPhone will know you better than you know yourself, but no one else will know what your smartphone knows

One day, soon, your Apple iPhone will be able to figure out when you’re going to get sick, will book itself in for servicing when faults develop, will let you know if it picks up a virus, and will be able to figure out if the person you are sharing data with is authorized to see that information. CIOs should begin to think about how this level of machine intelligence may impact their business. .... " 

So should data always be analyzed on device, on the edge.?  On the iPhone.  With a neural engine its faster there,  and closer to dynamic data needed.   And communicating to user and devices.  But not always.

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