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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gillette Replaces Dad with Assistant

In Fastcompany, by Jeff Beer.   Includes video of Ad:

Most Men Ask Their Phone For Advice Before Dad, So Gillette Made An App For That
The brand’s new Father’s Day ad, “Go Ask Dad” is most definitely trying to make grown men cry.

According to Gillette’s research, 84% of guys said their go-to source for information is their phone, while just 13% said they turn to Dad first. And  72% of guys said their phone was the one source of information they can’t live without, and only 10% said Dad. .... 

So for Father’s Day, agency Grey New York created a follow-up to last year’s ad, aiming to get more young men real-talking to their fathers with another edition of “Go Ask Dad.” Last year it was a tablet, while this year the brand disguised the dads as a Siri-like personal assistant app....   " 

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