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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Algorithmic Gastronomy and Beyond

Fascinating look about how to morph recipes.  Might this be used to rewrite other process + ingredient kinds of decisions?  We were influenced in coffee blending and roasting decisions by recipe style approaches.  There is something here.

Deep Learning Algorithm Rewrites Traditional Recipes for New Regions, Ingredients
by Michael Byrne

 Algorithmic gastronomy is here.

Imagine your favorite go-to recipe mutated to conform to the traditional methods and ingredients of any number of diverse regional food cultures. Consider, say, lasagne, but a sort of lasagne that's instead a naturally occurring part of Japanese or Ethiopian cuisine. Not "fusion," but something deeper—a whole rewriting of what a lasagne even is according to the culinary traditions of some other place.

It's not necessarily an easy or natural thing to do, but a new machine learning algorithm developed by a team of French, American, and Japanese researchers offers an automated solution based on neural networks and large amounts of food data. The result, which is described in a paper published this month to the arXiv preprint server (via I Programmer), is a system that can take a given recipe and shift it into an alternative dietary style—sushi lasagne, say—as well as parse a recipe for its underlying style components.  .... " 

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