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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amazon Alexa will Deliver Skill-Based Notifications

This does not sound like much, but it is a considerable thing.   You still have to ask for the notification. Which could cause a problem depending on how many notifications you have.  It seems it would also be useful to allow a skill to take the initiative and directly notify you by voice,  or ask for information. With your opt-in permission of course.

Imagine Alexa asking for some key information that might drive an analytical model.  And inserting that into a process flow.  That's real assistance.  Connect to an IFTTT?   In CNet:

"Alexa, what did I miss?" Amazon introduces voice notifications
Soon, Alexa users will be able to turn on notifications for Amazon shopping updates and select skills, including the Washington Post and AccuWeather.

Tuesday, Amazon announced that it's giving Alexa the ability to notify you of shopping updates or alerts from your favorite skills. When a new notification comes in, the light ring at the top of your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot will turn green and you'll hear a chime. To hear the notification, just say "Alexa, what did I miss?"   .... ' 

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