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Monday, May 22, 2017

Considering the Data Science Behind AI

Nicely done piece from DSC by William Vorhies,  an overview.  Good exec and introductory piece.  Like in general the way this is presented.  Would add that I have started to call it Augmented Intelligence (AI),  which tempers the expectations involved.

The Data Science Behind AI    Posted by William Vorhies  

Summary:  For those of you traditional data scientist who are interested in AI but still haven’t given it a deep dive, here’s a high level overview of the data science technologies that combine into what the popular press calls artificial intelligence (AI).

We and others have written quite a bit about the various types of data science that make up AI.  Still I hear many folks asking about AI as if it were a single entity.  It is not.  AI is a collection of data science technologies that at this point in development are not even particularly well integrated or even easy to use.  In each of these areas however, we’ve made a lot of progress and that’s caught the attention of the popular press.

This article is not intended to be a deep dive but rather the proverbial 50,000 foot view of what’s going on.  If you’re a traditional data scientist who’s read some articles but still hasn’t put the big picture together you might find this a way of integrating your current knowledge and even discovering where you’d be interested in focusing.  .... " 

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