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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hershey and Digital

Don't normally think of Hershey in this space, so this was revealing.   Note the dependence on the physical space and impulse purchases.

Can Hershey help grocers transition to a digitally-dominated future? by Dale Buss in Retailwire.  With discussion.

In an unusual initiative for a CPG brand, Hershey just released a report, “New Retail in a Shopper’s World,” that details how retailers can transition to a digitally-dominated future.

Hershey, other candy brands and some other snack brands remain heavily dependent on physical retail space. Brian Kavanagh, senior director of retail evolution for Hershey, told CPGmatters, “That’s because we’re often not on consumers’ shopping lists. So we need those grocers’ doors to stay open.”   ... " 

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