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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Google Going AI First

All the indications are there, the data, especially dynamic data, is broad and deep.  What should business reactions be?  Open source capabilities, such as TensorFlow,  could lead to better sharing of AI engines.

Just Leaked: Google Preps to Invest Boldly in Artificial Intelligence   
As Google goes AI-first, here's the latest development.    By Lisa Calhoun ,  In Inc. 

As reported first by Axios and then Tech Crunch, Google is doubling down on its ability to invest in artificial intelligence. Alphabet recently announced an AI-first strategy at Google I/O. Now, it's reportedly building out a group of investors that will invest exclusively in AI. It's the first time Google has made a move to invest in an exclusive branch of technology. Google hasn't confirmed or denied the news, but a business unit that invests exclusively in AI makes sense for Google right now for a number of reasons:

· A lean team of engineers can invest in the venture frontier more effectively than a larger, classic corporate venture unit. GV, Alphabet's corporate venture arm, has over 300 investments like Nest, Ionic Security, Uber, and 23&Me. That's not only a large portfolio to manage, it's also a broad mandate that spans consumer goods to life sciences. Artificial intelligence is a hot space for the entire venture capital community. Over a billion dollars were invested in AI last year. Just take a look at key artificial intelligence deals to get a sense of the scope. So having a group that focuses on it specifically? Smart. .... " 

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