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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Standard Browser

In my own interactions with the enterprise saw this to be very much the case.   In one example it appeared that IE was the standard, but after having problems with it's interaction with local software, was pulled aside and told, Chrome has been better tested and the assumed default standard.  The standard issue has been done for broader volume cost issues.
King Chrome: Microsoft's browsers sidelined on its own OS
What's the chance Edge can contest Chrome's lock on the enterprise?  By Gregg Keizer

Enterprises may say they are committed to Microsoft's browsers, that they continue to define the venerable Internet Explorer (IE) as their employees' standard. But reality is different, an analyst argued Thursday.

"Microsoft retains a very strong relationship with [enterprise] IT," said David Michael Smith, of Gartner, in an interview. "Most enterprises still have a 'standard' browser, and most of the time, that's something from Microsoft. These days it's IE11. But we've found that people actually use Chrome more than IE." .... " 

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