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Saturday, May 27, 2017

IBM Advances PowerAI Enterprise Solution

IBM's New PowerAI Features Again Demonstrate Enterprise AI Leadership  by Patrick Moorhead  in Forbes.

What appears to be a semi automation of various areas of machine learning, to make them easier to create and maintain and work with relevant data. The claim is with minimal ML expertise.  Notable to me is one emphasis on the analysis of image and video data.

" ... Recently, IBM announced a significant revamp of PowerAI, seeking to address some of the bigger challenges facing developers and data scientists—cutting down the time required for AI system training significantly, and simplifying the development experience. .... " 

IBM writes about this, and describes the system, which requires POWER HPC hardware, you can test it free at the link:

" .. PowerAI makes deep learning, machine learning, and AI more accessible and more performant. By combining this software platform for deep learning with IBM® Power Systems™, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform for machine learning with blazing performance. The PowerAI platform includes the most popular machine learning frameworks and their dependencies, and it is built for easy and rapid deployment. PowerAI requires installation on IBM Power Systems S822LC for HPC server infrastructure ... " 

See also their blog on OpenPower, and a description of advances.

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