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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Watson Paths

Was reminded of Watson Path, and its use of Sankey Diagrams to communicate with medicine domain experts.  Nice idea, though the term for this kind of visualization is never mentioned.  Yes, that's a criticism.

 " ..... The projects known as “WatsonPaths” and “Watson EMR Assistant” will create technologies that can be used by Watson in the domain of medicine. .... 

With the WatsonPaths project, IBM scientists have trained the system to interact with medical domain experts in a way that’s more natural for them, enabling the user to more easily understand the structured and unstructured data sources the system consulted and the path it took in offering an option. The Watson EMR Assistant project aims to enable physicians to uncover key information from patients’ medical records, in order to help improve the quality and efficiency of care. .... " 

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