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Friday, June 02, 2017

Smart Speakers as a Shopping Tool?

Interesting stats in article below.    Though I suggest that once you get someone using the device, say for streaming music (60%), moving them to engaging with commerce is more likely.   Also, suggest that the 60% represents only one time.   The system is likely to be on line streaming for long periods of time, when its use as an assistant is evident.   It becomes a prime resource dominating a room.   Also upcoming notification capabilities could change this further.   And evolution towards a dialog conversation beyond just question and answer.    With discussion.

Are smart speakers limited as a shopping tool?
by Guest contributor  MarketingCharts staff

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New research from comScore shows that shopping-related activities with smart speakers remain fairly limited, though one in six households with Amazon Echo are using them to find local businesses.

For the time being, the most common use cases for smart speakers among households owning these devices are general questions (60 percent), weather (57 percent) and streaming music (54 percent). ... "  ....  

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