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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Commercial Supersonic Jet Engines

In The Bike Shop:

" ... Going supersonic
Brad Mottier, vice president and general manager of GE Aviation Business and General Aviation and Integrated Systems, kicked off EBACE on Sunday by announcing a partnership with Aerion Corporation to evaluate the final configuration for three engines that will power their AS2 supersonic jet.

Billionaire’s Dream of Supersonic Luxury Jet Gets Assist From GE – Bloomberg ... Billionaire Robert Bass’s dream of building a private supersonic jet is poised to get a boost from one of the world’s top engine makers: General Electric Co.

Aerion Corp. is in talks with GE to power what could be the first nonmilitary plane to fly faster than the speed of sound since Concorde flights were halted in 2003, according to a statement Monday by the Bass-backed aircraft start-up.

The discussions represent a step toward resolving a major obstacle to Aerion’s plan for a jet that could shave three hours off trans-Atlantic trips — and shorten flights across the Pacific by six. Aerion, which already has a committed buyer for its AS2 plane, has been working with the engine manufacturers to meet noise restrictions and fly economically at speeds both slower and faster than the sound barrier.  ... " 

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