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Friday, June 02, 2017

A Roadmap for the Programmable World.

Considerable article from IEEE Software, via InfoQ .....

A Roadmap to the Programmable World
     Posted by Antero Taivalsaari,  Tommi Mikkonen .... 

Key Takeaways

- The emergence of IoT means our everyday things—light bulbs, door knobs, toothbrushes, etc.—will become connected and programmable dynamically.

- Today’s mainstream development methods, languages, and tools are poorly suited to the emergence of millions of programmable things in our surroundings.

- Despite the apparent diversity in the IoT market, a common end-to-end architecture is emerging with a number of common elements, such as devices, gateways, and the cloud.

- Two important trends in the evolution of IoT solutions are the shift from data collection to real-world manipulation and the rise of the edge computing paradigm, where data is processed locally before being sent to the cloud.

- The main challenges that developers face in a programmable world are the intrisic hardness of distributed computing, the inadequacy of languages and tools that are becoming central to IoT development, such as JavaScript, and security.

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