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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

AI Creating Dinner from Your Pantry

An area we looked at with AI solutions when we were still in the food business, talked to IBM when they were having Watson 'cook' and invent recipes.  The idea of assembling something from a recipe and script can also be generalized for anything that requires resources and process that you want to do efficiently.   

Can artificial intelligence create a decent dinner?    By Nell Mackenzie  in the BBC

It is the night before the weekly shop. I look in the fridge and consider my three tomatoes, the sweet potato and the asparagus.

Normally, I’d take this as my cue to nip to the fish and chip shop.  However, I’m trying out Plant Jammer, an app that promises to rustle up a recipe based on whatever food you have lying around, using artificial intelligence.

It searches three million recipes to find often-paired items. It then consults a library of ingredients that the company has hired professional chefs to group by flavour - salt, umami, sour, oil, crunch, soft, sweet, bitter, spicy, fresh and aroma.

Finally, the software learns from this data and devises new recipes.  ... ' 

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