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Friday, September 25, 2020

Ring Makes a Home Patrolling Drone

This could be a life and home changer.  Have seen some things that were similar.  Can this work in the messy environment of a home? 

Ring made a security drone that flies around inside your home

The Ring Always Home Cam can fly around your house when you're out.

Daniel Cooper, @danielwcooper  in Engadget

Ring knows that there are only so many places in your home that you want to permanently put a camera, and sometimes that isn’t enough. That’s why the company is building the Ring Always Home Cam, a small drone that can patrol from room to room and keep watch over your stuff. As well as offering an extra layer of security, you can use the device to check specific worries, like if you left a window open or the burners on.  

(Available in 2021)

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