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Friday, September 18, 2020


Seems we have done little in the space since Freud.  Is interesting to see Nokia in the space.  Gathering data is again a good place to start.   AI I assume to mine and classify in new ways.

Insights Into Dreams and What They Say About Us
The Wall Street Journal
Robert Lee Hotz

Computer scientists are using artificial intelligence and digital databases to examine dreams and potentially identify mental issues. Researchers at Cambridge University's Nokia Bell Laboratories in the U.K. devised the Dreamcatcher data-mining system to seek patterns in dreams, and analyzed transcripts in the DreamBank, the largest known public archive of dream reports. The system identifies and measures dream characters, interactions, and emotions by processing the natural language dreamers use to communicate their visions. Insights derived from this analysis add credibility to the theory that dreams reflect waking situations, with no deeper prophetic, mythological, or religious significance. ... " 

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