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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Towards Robotic Chemistry

Better, faster, cheaper are the claims being made, with links to previous IBM work in the space.  Worked with a company analysis lab, and know the time and complexity involved.   This will replace experienced personnel.

Robotics, AI, and Cloud Computing Combine to Supercharge Chemical and Drug Synthesis
IBM looks to revolutionize industrial chemistry and in the process may have cut the discovery time for Covid-19 treatments in half  By Dexter Johnson  in  IEEE Spectrum

IBM must be brimming with confidence about its new automated system for performing chemical synthesis because Big Blue just had twenty or so journalists demo the complex technology live in a virtual room.

IBM even had one of the journalists choose the molecule for the demo: a molecule in a potential Covid-19 treatment. And then we watched as the system synthesized and tested the molecule and provided its analysis in a PDF document that we all saw in the other journalist’s computer. It all worked; again, that’s confidence.

The complex system is based upon technology IBM started developing three years ago that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict chemical reactions. In August 2018, IBM made this service available via the Cloud and dubbed it RXN for Chemistry.   ... " 

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