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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Amazon to Open Small Delivery Hubs

New move by Amazon for improved delivery.

Amazon to open 1,000 neighborhood delivery hubs
By Marianne Wilson  in Chainstoreage

Amazon is taking some of its fulfillment closer to where its customers live.

The online giant is planning to open 1,000 small delivery hubs in suburban neighborhoods and cities across the U.S., reported Bloomberg. The move comes as Amazon looks to compete with other retailers, particularly Walmart, who are using their network of stores as mini-fulfillment centers to provide convenient same-day deliveries. The Amazon hubs would eventually expand to 1,500 locations. 

Amazon faced shipping delays during the height of the pandemic. With the holidays approaching, the online giant is now focused on honoring its pre-pandemic pledge to get many products to Prime subscribers on the same day, according to Bloomberg.  Now it is doubling by investing billions in building out small warehouses. 

The U.S. industrial real estate sector is expected to grow https://chainstoreage.com/jll-new-darling-commercial-real-estate-industry to more than 1 billon square feet by 2025, fueled by e-commerce’s pandemic boom.    ... ' 

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