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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Approximately Correct is Useful

Brought to my attention, and made me smile.  Al, as all human decision making, is approximately correct.   Yes you can define problems tightly enough so that they will be exactly correct.  Say that 2+2 =4.   But in the real world, you can often say, it depends.   On context and changes, and influences.  On use and application and embedded ethics.   On beliefs.  On risk and unintended consequences. Bottom line is you need to pay attention.   Lots good below, but I would have taken it further:

Approximately Correct Machine Intelligence (ACMI) Lab
Building intelligent systems applicable in the real world requires more than prediction. Driving decisions requires causal insights. Reliability requires models that are provably robust under clear assumptions. Deploying data-driven technology in society requires accounting for the complex dynamics and feedback loops mediating this interaction. Aligning with social desiderata such as fairness requires a philosophically coherent treatment. ACMI lab studies core machine learning methods, their applications in healthcare, and their social impacts. We seek to address these outer loop questions, while leveraging breakthroughs in representation learning to address the diverse raw data sources that deep learning has made accessible.  .... '

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