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Thursday, September 10, 2020

IFTTT Pro Announced

Just received today, always liked IFTTT, used it some, the advances look interesting

Today we’re launching IFTTT Prohttps://ifttt.com/pro  a subscription designed to help you build advanced Applets that go way beyond IF THIS THEN THAT.

Pro includes an introductory set your own price subscription, and now joins our standard free-forever plan.
Pro launches with many of your most requested features:

Multi-step Applets
Queries and conditional logic
Multiple actions
Faster Applet execution

With Pro you can create sophisticated Applets that can query data from multiple sources before triggering multiple actions.
Because Pro will evolve in response to your feedback, we wanted to provide some payment flexibility. The introductory set your own price subscription allows you to choose your monthly payment for the first year of Pro. This special offer expires in 4 weeks, on Wednesday, October 7th.

Upgrade to Pro .... 
Thanks for your patience and ongoing support. I look forward to seeing what you build.
Sincerely,   Linden Tibbets,  Founder and CEO  @ltibbets

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