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Friday, September 11, 2020

Google Expected to See Antitrust

Antitrust looms, what will the implications be?  Google does lots of very good work, don't what to see it reduced. 

Google Just Got Very Bad News and It Could Change the Way You Use the Internet The Department of Justice is expected to file its largest antitrust suit since Microsoft. Here's what it could mean for search, advertising, and Google Maps.
By Jason Aten in Inc

It isn't a secret that Google has been under investigation by the Department of Justice for over a year. Google even confirmed as much earlier this year, in a statement to The Wall Street Journal. This week it became clear that a case is likely to be brought sooner rather than later. Specifically, The New York Times is reporting that it could come in the next few weeks despite the objections of some of the investigators involved.  ... " 

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