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Monday, September 14, 2020

NVidia Buys ARM for 40 Billion, Plans new AI Research Center

Considerable detail in this ExtremeTech piece, On China connections.

Nvidia Buys ARM for $40 Billion, Plans New AI Research Center
 In ExtremeTech by Joel Hruska

The Nvidia-ARM rumors we’ve been reporting on for the past few months have culminated in a major announcement: Nvidia will acquire ARM for ~$40B in cash and stock. After the deal, Nvidia will own ARM and SoftBank will be the largest shareholder of Nvidia stock.

The conditions of the deal are reportedly complex and required that SoftBank settle a dispute between Allen Wu, the former CEO of ARM China who claimed to retain legal control of the business unit, and ARM, who steadfastly claimed it had fired him. A spokesperson for Wu told the Financial Times “he remains the chairman of ARM China,” so whether that means the issue is still percolating or that Nvidia is going to retain his services is anyone’s guess.  ... "

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