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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Analyics and Data Scence Convergiing

I would say that good analytics also requires just the same care about data use and results curation.  It has always been that way.  Automating aspects of analytics requires more training for decision makers.   Otherwise good piece about the trend.

For Better or Worse Analytics and Data Science are Converging  Posted by William Vorhies  in DSC 

Summary:  Analytic Platforms are rapidly being augmented with features previously reserved for data scientists.  They are presented as easy to use but require substantial data literacy and advanced DS skills for the most complex.  Business users and analysts can pursue more complex problems on their own, but need good oversight.

Data Science Platform developers and Analytics Platform developers have been circling each other for years.  The DSP folks see the analyst market presenting a much larger customer base.  The ASP folks need to keep adding higher value features to maintain their shares.  Gartner says these two ecosystems are swirling closer and closer like binary stars headed for collision.

In Gartner’s report “Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Analytics” published late last year they show the various elements that used to be unique to Data Science Platforms that are finding their way into Analytic Platforms.

The emphasis here is definitely on ‘Augmented’ as in fairly sophisticated features easy enough for a non-data scientist to use.  Not all vendors of these augmented platforms provide the same features though Gartner proposes that they will rapidly converge.

Whether you’re a CXX exec in charge of this integration or a data scientists asked to participate there are some risks as well as advantages here.  ... "

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