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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Turn Your Echo into a Phone

Been placing calls via Alexa for some time, this seems to close the loop.  This seems to open the loop for new kinds of skills that direct, handle, record, manage incoming calls.   A little like Google Duplex?  New abilities for business assistants?  I have an AT&T number so may try this as part of my smart home capabilities.

I saw there are a number of posts here about how Google Duplex links with the Google Assistant ....  so examining that as well.  See the 'Google Duplex Tag' for those posts.

Amazon’s new Alexa partnership lets you link your AT&T number to turn your Echo into a phone

‘Alexa, answer the phone’

By Chaim Gartenberg   @cgartenberg in TheVerge

Amazon is rolling out a new partnership with AT&T today that will let customers link their phone numbers to their Alexa account, allowing them to both make and receive phone calls via their Alexa devices. ... "

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