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Monday, September 28, 2020

Beyond 'Human as Backup'

Nice piece that discusses a common approach of 'Human as Backup' vs other human-in-the loop alternatives.  Makes me think.

Rethinking human-AI interaction   08 Jun 2020   by Jessy Lin Blog

Imagine 1977, sitting at the helm of one of your very first personal computers. The Commodore “Personal Electronic Transactor,” endearingly nicknamed the PET, promised to be an all-in-one “bookkeeper, cook, language tutor, inventory clerk, and playmate.” For the first time, you could type up programs on the tiny “chiclet” keyboard — working out your math homework, saving snippets of recipes, designing simple graphics — and see the results spring up before your eyes. Unlike a washing machine or a calculator, here was a first encounter with a machine that was fundamentally open-ended, dynamic, and responsive in a tangible way.....'   (Much more in the article). 

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