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Friday, September 18, 2020

Cosmetic Surgery Goldmine?

A look at consequences of behavior in pandemic, suggested by a former colleague.

Zoom has turned into a goldmine... for the cosmetic surgery industry

Martin Lindstrom   Brand and Culture Transformation Expert and Founder of Lindstrom Company

Plastic surgery is booming. Despite the coronavirus (or more likely because of it), record numbers of consumers are sneaking out of their homes, visiting clinics, and putting down as much as $20,000 to convert today’s version of themselves into a younger self. The number of cosmetic procedures has tripled.

The world continues to work from home, with no sign of returning to the office anytime soon, and isolation in our home offices has brought huge, often unexpected changes to our lives. For one thing, you’re suddenly spending lots of time on Zoom, where you’re in constant communication with a stamp-sized window that features … you.

It’s as if we’ve affixed tiny mirrors to our monitors. We’re suddenly watching ourselves, and we’re keenly, painfully aware of how others see us. ... '

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