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Friday, September 25, 2020

Self Erasing Chip

Some intriguing applications, could have used this for counterfeiting applications.  Expiring analysis applications.

A Self-Erasing Chip for Security, Anti-Counterfeit Tech

University of Michigan News

September 24, 2020

University of Michigan researchers have developed self-erasing chips based on a material that temporarily stores energy, changing the color of light it emits. The chips are assembled from a three-atom-thick layer of semiconductor material deposited on a thin strip of azobenzene-based molecules, which shrink under ultraviolet light; those molecules tug on the semiconductor so it emits longer wavelengths of light. The stretched azobenzene naturally releases its stored energy, losing stored data, over the course of about seven days in no light, or it can be erased on demand with a pulse of blue light. A self-erasing bar code printed on the chip within a device could flag whether someone had opened it to install a spying device. ...'

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