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Sunday, September 20, 2020

More Japanese Humanoid Robotics

Why humanoid?  Impressive look and restocking a key retail problem.  Telepresence example.  In IEEE Spectrum

Video Friday: This Robot Will Restock Shelves at Japanese Convenience Stores

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By Evan Ackerman, Erico Guizzo and Fan Shi

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Tokyo startup Telexistence has recently unveiled a new robot called the Model-T, an advanced teleoperated humanoid that can use tools and grasp a wide range of objects. Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart plans to test the Model-T to restock shelves in up to 20 stores by 2022. In the trial, a human “pilot” will operate the robot remotely, handling items like beverage bottles, rice balls, sandwiches, and bento boxes. ... "

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